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Writing For Life

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-Books (Fiction & Non-Fiction) - Theses - Reports - Websites - Dissertations - Literary Critiques - Manuscripts - College Papers - Brochures - Resumes - Cover Letters - Newsletters - Technical Papers - Proposals - Term Papers


  • Expertise

    I am a fast, versatile writer, and I specialize in taking complicated information and presenting it in an easy-to-understand and creative format . I am gifted in finding errors that appear in various types of printed work from spelling errors, typographical errors and grammatical errors. I use this "giftedness" to aid authors, business owners, students and writers by editing and proofreading their work.  

  • Send your Editing, Proofreading and Resume work

    First contact me using the information indicated above. At that time I will send you some information about submitting your work. Just send your work as an attachment and the work should be in Microsoft Word format.


  • Editing and Proofreading Jobs (Any Size)

    I will edit any size paper or work. Whether it is editng websites, a college students paper, an employer changing jobs needs a resume and cover letter critiqued or a website owner or company has just added a single page to a website and needs that edited. Whatever the case maybe I am here to assist you in the best way possible that fits your needs! 

  • Editing and Proofreading (Time)

    Most editing and proofreading will be completed within 3 to 10 days. Of course, longer projects will take more time in order to do a job that is "up to the customers standards." I can give you an estimate of the time the editing and proofreading will take when I see a sample of the work and when I know the length of it. At that time you will be sent all of the details to see if that fits the time frame your'e working with.

  • Time to Complete Assignments

    Many of my clients have deadlines for the submission of their projects, papers and otherwise. Please inform me of these situations. I will do my best to get your work back to you after the editing and proofreading tasks are completed but in time for you to apply the changes and meet your deadlines. If necessary we can work out a special priority RUSH job, which will result in an additional fee.

  • Fees for Editing, Proofreading and Resumes

    My fees run between $.80 per word and $1.00 per word for editing and proofreading. For example, if your paper is 1,000 words long, the fee is between $800 and $1,000 dollars or for a more extensive project i.e. author's book, the cost is between 35-40 per hour. Note: the amount of time incorporated in formulating the written material is also a contributing factor in the costs.

  • Payments

    Bank Checks, Postal Money Orders or Cash can be used to pay for services from the contact information portion of this website....

  • Privacy

    I take pride in maintaining a strict privacy policy to ensure that your work is kept confidential. You have put a great deal of time and personal effort into your book, document, paper, websites or other work. It is my commitment to maintain your complete privacy and confidentiality regarding this project.


      Jennifer Workman