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Editing and Proofreading Services

These services includes proofreading your work, correcting spelling errors, correcting words, correcting typos, grammatical errors, reesablishing sentence structure or complete sections without changing your unique style. All this is performed at a very affordable price.


  • Time Saver

    This service will save you time. You as a writer of a book, manuscript, thesis or paper, want to write ideas and stories. Your content is extremely important to you. But, the mechanics and flow can often take up so much time and energy. This is where the editing service can save you time. You spend your time developing content and the ideas. The editing service will save you time by restating the awkward statements, correcting the typos and other errors and revising the flow.

  • Clients/Customers

    Our editing service is used by authors, writers, business owners,  students and website professionals.


  • Proofreading

    Proofreading plays a major role in the process of editing. Proofreading includes checking for typographical errors, misspellings, and incorrect punctuation. However, our editing service includes much more than proofreading alone.


  • Spelling errors

    Most spelling errors are detected by spell check tools in your word processor. Our editing service will go beyond this function in detecting spelling errors in your text. How do we do this? First let us explore just how most spell check software works. Simply, any word that is not in the dictionary of the spell check software is flagged as a spelling error. You as a user of the software can add special words to the dictionary. This may include names or words that are specific to your company or business but are not included in the original dictionary. So, if a word is in the dictionary, it will not be flagged as a spelling error. Our editing service is designed to find spelling errors that are not found by your spell check software.


  • Wrong words

    A wrong word may not be detected by the spell check software but is found by our editing service.

  • Typos

    Typos (or typographical errors) and other errors in your book, manuscript, article or paper may give your reader a lasting poor impression of you. Typos are found and corrected by our editing service. Writers cannot see errors. Most writers cannot see their errors in writing. That is why it is important to have someone work for you to ensure that you have a finished product that is pleasing to you as well as others that come in contact with you work.


  • Grammatical errors

    Grammatical errors just don't look good. they give employers the wrong sense of who you are, they make business owners not trust you to be reliable because of the work you submit and so forth. I always helps to have a good paper or finished product!

  • Fees

    Editing fees are between $.80 and $1.00 per word. For instance, the editing fee for a 1,000 word paper would be between $800 and $1,000 or more extensive projects i.e. author's book, the cost is between 35-40 per hour. I accept those payments indicated under the payment information section of this website.





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    darryl p.
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