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Editing & Proofreading Services

Our editing & proofreading services are designed to assist authors and writers in eliminating grammatical errors, typographical errors and spelling errors. This service also looks for inconsistencies and confusing text and makes recommendations to fix these problems.


Errors in Print

I recently read a best-selling non-fiction book. I was reading for enjoyment. But, still my "editing and proofreading gene" kicked in. I found several errors in this wonderful book. I cannot help it. Errors just jump out at me. I know that not everyone reading this book would find all of these errors. I contacted the author and complimented her on the book. I also informed her of the errors that I had found. She was extremely grateful for my comments about the book and truly appreciated my feedback. It still is interesting to me that so many books get published and printed with so many errors.



When an author is writing a story or manuscript, he or she is deeply involved in the development of the plot, the characters and the dialogue. This author is writing with a passion from the heart and is extremely close to the book. He or she is often not concerned with the mechanics. That is why the service of proofreading and editing is so appropriate for the author or writer. Our editing and proofreading service ensures that these mechanics are addressed. We are not close to the work in the way the author is. We can edit and proofread the book from the point of view of the reader.

As a website designer, your mission is to design a website that will attract business for your client. You will no doubt be concentrating on a design that is pleasing and inviting. Your client, however, is going to supply you with the information to be written on the website pages. If this information is not well written, the result will be a reflection not only of your client, but of you. The visitor to this website will see the whole package. Therefore, it is in your best interest, and that of your client, to have the information on the designed website error free and grammatically correct. Our website proofreading and editing service is dedicated to ensure these qualities.

Our Procedures I will work with you in any way that best meets your needs. You can just refer your client to us and we can workout all the specifics together. I will let know know first hand what I am able and not able to do!


     Jennifer Workman





      Client List:

    -Empower Magazine

    -Today's Christian Woman       Magazine


    -The State Newspaper

    -Master Kare Plumbing Services

    -Highways Byways Ministry

    -Simply Victorious Ministries

    -Seminary/Graduate Students

    -Ruby for Women Online Christian Magazine 

    -Inspirational Blog

    -Personal Clients

    -Writer's for Life-Wrting Service 

    -Author-Robert Sullivan, "My Thoughts on God and the Men who went Astray..."



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